Medtech Medcare Use Case


In 2013, MedTech and MedCare formally aligned to form MTMC. With a single unified vision, MTMC understands the needs of today’s manufacturers, supply chain, and end-users. In partnership, their shared business model provides a solution that responds to and incorporates selling strategies related to clinical, financial, and operational outcomes. Their expansive team of sales executives understands the importance of patient-driven data; specifically, data generated by the Affordable Care Act and related healthcare reform related to patient safety, readmission risks, the impact of complications, and patient satisfaction.


In 2018 MTMC had several full-time employees devoted specifically to commission data collection, normalizing and manually checking the data, processing the data, commission rules calculations, sales report preparation, and accounting related activities. Before partnering with SEAD, MTMC would need analysis conducted for certain vendors and dealers which would take an extensive amount of manual effort. Sales and commission analyses for some of their larger clients would take days or even weeks in certain cases. MTMC found itself falling months or even quarters behind in paying out its sales commissions to its 200+ sales team.


SEAD accomplished the following goals to improve MTMC's performance and address all of their issues:

  • Loaded, Cleansed, and Consolidated Data for 60+ Vendors
  • Provided Scalable Loading Back-End Structure for New Vendors
  • Established Alerting Mechanism on Data Quality for all Vendor Files
  • Created 10+ Dashboards that Automatically Update to Live Data
  • Provided Backups of all Sales History and Territory Assignments
  • Introduced new Division Assignment Logic
  • Wrote Algorithms that Calculate over 350+ Sales Representative Commission Structures
  • Created PDF and CSV Exports on Demand
  • Scheduled Daily Reports and Alerts for its 200+ Users


As a result of the enterprise commission management system implemented by SEAD, MTMC's is now longer falling months and quarters behind in paying its commissions. Instead, MTMC is paying out its 200+ sales representatives on time. It also has improved features such as  providing overriding capability for authorized users, instituting audit trails of all its transaction information, and providing analysis of its historical territory assignments and sales contracts. The SEAD Constructer enabled MTMC to improve its bottom-line performance to the tune of $2M+ annually. The amount of data volume and processing has increased by over 200% with no need for additional employees to be hired. SEAD's Low-Code | No-Code Enterprise Application has fulfilled that role.