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SEAD Software New Feature Summary

SEAD Software Feature Summary

SEAD is proud to announce the launch of its new architecture for the SEAD portal. This exciting new development has been in the works for months, and will provide users with an enhanced experience when navigating through their resources. The new architecture improves upon existing features while introducing a number of brand-new tools and capabilities. With these improvements, users will be able to access information faster, more efficiently, and with greater ease than ever before. Through this release, SEAD is committed to providing its customers with a superior user experience that meets all their needs.

Custom domains

SEAD's new custom domains allow you to create your own endpoint to your application. Custom domains allow businesses and individuals to personalize their online presence by having a web address that more closely resembles their brand name or identity.

The subdomain you enter will appear in the URL,

Ability to create a distinct URL to a list, UI form, or specific screen

Creating a distinct URL to a list, UI form, or specific screen is an essential step in the development of any web-based application. By creating a unique, descriptive URL that accurately reflects the content being accessed, users can easily identify and navigate to the desired information or resource.

By clicking the 'share' button, you can create a private or public link (with specified role access, expiration date, or number of usages) to the screen.
Pop-up screens have the same share functionality

New extensions

SEAD added extensions to its vast toolset of Low-code No-code database features. With extensions you can create views, procedures, and triggers all assigned to your own business entity.


Access extensions via business specifications
Create a new extension
Easily add code in SQL, PLPGSQL, or C

New view, procedure, and trigger capabilities

Views, procedures, and triggers are an important part of database management that help to maintain the integrity and accuracy of data. Views in particular provide users with a way to quickly access specific records or fields without having to go through all the underlying tables.


Easily clone portal features

There is often a need to replicate existing structures such as tables, charts, ui forms, ui lists, settings, and formulas. Our cloning feature allows developers to create exact copies of existing data structures so that they can be reused without having to start from scratch. Not only does this save time, but it also ensures accuracy. There is no need to worry about potentially overlooking small details in the replication process.

Clone with one click!

Safe delete feature

Verifying before you delete is a critical step in ensuring data integrity and accuracy. Failing to do so can result in dire consequences, including the permanent loss of valuable information. Before deleting any data, it is important to take the time to inspect and confirm that it is indeed redundant or unwanted. SEAD's deletion verification ensures that no one at the organization accidentally deletes crucial material.

Toggle the safe delete feature on or off for different roles

Tableau Screen Auto Refresh

One of the useful features offered by Tableau is its ability to automatically refresh screens, allowing users to view current, up-to-date information quickly and easily. In other words, you can be sure that the dashboards you are accessing on your custom portal are providing accurate analytics.

Toggle auto-refresh
Adjust to your preferred refresh time interval

A warning will appear before each refresh

Hidden titles on custom screens

Hiding titles on custom screens can be a great way to protect sensitive information and keep it only accessible to specific viewers. This type of security measure is often used in business settings where administrators want to control who sees certain data, such as financial reports and confidential company documents.

You can hide the title or buttons on select screens

At SEAD Software we continue to upgrade and innovate on our platform to ensure that our customers have access to the best and most cutting edge tools. Ultimately, we know that as our software service improves, it gives our clients more tools to grow their businesses and this way everyone benefits.