Our mission is directly aligned with who we are.

Our Mission

Streamline the development of enterprise level applications suited for any business need. Our vision is to further empower and connect business and development users through a Low-Code | No-Code Portal. We aim to eliminate tedious maintenance and development tasks by implementing state-of-the-art No-Code intelligence tools.

We provide the five A's:

Actionable analytics
Automated workflow processes
Algorithmic forecasting
Auditable error tracking and handling
Affordable Pricing

Our Vision

Our vision is that of growth but
responsible and sustainable growth,
never taking away from what we provide to
our partners. When processes are successfully
automated and everything works, everyone is happy.
We are providing tools for you that will enable you to take what you have and expand on it. And we are here to help whenever you need it.

We exist to help businesses
streamline operations


Automated Lines of Code




Increased Speed to Market


Users Nationwide

How it all started


SEAD Software LLC is founded and starts creating its SaaS portal.


SEAD expands its SaaS portal clientele into the Health Care, Real Estate, and Financial markets.


SEAD creates Commission Management SaaS portal and Food Distribution & Manufacturing SaaS portal.


SEAD builds Behavioral Health SaaS portal and creates its Accounting Roll Up module which successfully helps initiate a M&A transaction.


SEAD releases its low-code, no-code "Constructer" and becomes software provider for "Lab-in-a-Box" at LAX International Airport to help fight COVID-19.


SEAD releases its budget module which automates annual budget with overriding capabilities and custom generation parameters within minutes.


SEAD closes on series A raise and is embarking in the IoT space with IBM Watson.

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