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Enable your entire organization to achieve more with agility and cost efficiency so you can focus on what matters.
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With SEAD Software, you can develop in a more agile and evolutionary way without having to worry about the complexities of traditional coding.

Quick time-to-market

Industry leading development tools that are 3x faster than traditional development solutions

Eliminate Code | Errors

We build complex solutions so you can focus on what really matters - developing your business!

Streamlined UI/UX

Achieve 3x savings on the Total Cost of Ownership compared to other solutions.
SEAD's ability to comprehend a complex environment, assess a variety of data sources, unique customer requirements, Watson IoT insights, and deliver an enhanced operational enterprise application was the key contributor to the success of our project together.
- Larry White | IBM Watson Industry Solution Leader - North America

Powerful | Visual
Back-End Builder.

The Model Builder is a back-end building interface with intuitive functionality. It enables our traditional developers and business users to create a relational model application within minutes. The relational model created in PostgreSQL provides auditing, permissioning, indexing, and data validation at the column level all with a few mouse clicks.

Understand Your Data

The Model Visualizer enables our developers and business users to see into the parent-child relationships built in the model builder using the 'reference type' column feature. This visual web allows our users to view the entity relationship diagram ("ERD") and see interactions between the tables being built. With this capability a user can see the flow of data and understand how it can travel through their enterprise application.

Create Angular JS Forms in Seconds

The UI Form Builder enables our developers and business users to become Angular JS developers. It utilizes a drop-down interface to select the columns of which they have generated in the Model Builder. If a user wants to get more creative, there are features to have enhanced organization through our form grid creation tool which breaks up the Angular JS form into rows and columns rather than a single column. A user can also add reference tabs to the child relationships their data is related to. Furthermore we have a custom code type feature that enables for enhanced CSS, HTML, and JS code to be written within the Angular JS form.

Drop-Down Interface for Angular JS Lists

The UI List Constructer enables our developers and business users to create Angular JS list screens with a simple-to-use drop-down interface. A user selects from a list of columns they have generated in the Model Builder and then has a dragging capability that to sort those columns left to right (top being most left and bottom being most right). The user also has the capability to change the name of the column to more appropriately label their data for the end user. Once generated, an Angular JS screen populates in the portal which enables the user to sort and filter the data within the table that has been generated. From there a user can read, edit, and delete data (all permissionable by user to the column level).

Integrate with our Out-of-Box REST API

The API Builder is a native feature that automatically generates GET, POST, and PULL REST APIs. This builder enables our business users and developers to integrate into any system that has an API while also providing historical restore capabilities that tracks all changes made to the system and enabling users to revert back to previous development stages. With this feature we provide non-coders the ability to not only replicate but interface into any modern system.

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