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The Constructor Tool

Our No-Code | Low-Code Relational Model Constructer comes with five key elements: the Model Builder, the Model Visualizer, the UI List, the UI Form, and the API Builder. All play a critical role in developing an enterprise wide application.

The Model Builder is simple to use with its drop-down interface. It enables our no-code developers and business users to create a relational model application easily. It creates a back-end relational model providing auditing, permissioning, indexing, and data validation at the column level, all with a few mouse clicks.

The Model Builder

The Model Visualizer allows developers and business users to see into the parent-child relationships they built in the model builder. This visual web shows our users the entity relationship diagram to see the interactions between tables.

With this capability a user can see the flow of data and understand how it can travel through their enterprise application.

The Model Visualizer Tool

The UI List Builder enables developers and business users to create Angular JS list screens. A user selects from a list of columns generated in the Model Builder. There is a dragging sort capability that will visualize the columns left to right. The user also has the capability to change the name of the column to label their data more appropriately for the end user.

Once generated, an AngularJS screen populates in the portal which enables the user to sort and filter the data within the newly generated table. From there a user can read, edit, and delete data (all permissionable by user to the column level).

The UI List Builder
The UI List Screen

The UI Form Builder enables our developers and business users to create Angular JS list forms. Our users can leverage front-end validations such as regular expressions and required field rules. Like the UI List, the user has a drop-down interface to select the columns of which they have generated in the Model Builder and order them top to bottom. If a user wants to get more creative there are features to have enhanced organization through our form grid creation tool.

A user can add reference tabs to the child relationships this data is related to. We have a custom code type feature that enables for enhanced CSS, HTML, and JS code to be written within the Angular JS form.

The UI Form Builder
The UI Form Screen

The API Builder is a native feature that automatically generates GET, POST, and PULL REST APIs. With this builder, users and developers can integrate into any system that has an API while also providing historical restore capabilities that tracks all changes made to the system and enabling users to revert back to previous development stages. With this feature we provide non-coders the ability to replicate and integrate into any modern system.

The API Builder

With the Model Builder, Model Visualizer, UI List Builder, UI Form Builder, and API Builder, our Low-Code | No-Code Relational Model Constructer enables developers and business users to become API, SQL, and Angular JS coders without writing a single line of code. Such value greatly increases productivity and performance of building enterprise applicaitons.